Show us your Bayfield-Nares!

2019 Photo Contest

We had a great response to the 2019 photo contest call — nearly 50 photos! The winning entry was by Amanda Skinner (above). It also graces the cover of the 2020 Directory. We were impressed by the action component of this shot: that kid is flying, just like the gulls in the background! (We’re hoping that’s deep water he’s diving into!)

The runner-up photo was by Susan Silcox, and appears elsewhere in the 2020 Directory, and below. We liked the wilderness aspect of this photo, and the rich colours of the environment and kayaks.


Thanks very much to the following people who submitted photos in 2019. Some of your photos appear elsewhere in the Directory and on our new website! Your contributions and artistic eyes are very much appreciated!


The three judges of the 2019 contest were BNIA Board Members Sara Carter and John Lavis, plus member Art Kilgour, who coordinated things.

Susan Silcox took the runner-up photo in the 2019 contest

Photo contest 2020 is now open!

Send us your three best photos of 2020 and you could be on the cover of next year’s BNIA directory (and you could win a free membership for 2021).

How to submit:

Deadline: Friday, Sept. 11, 2020