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2020 Winner: Clare Stone photo

The pandemic spurred a lot of picture taking:
Photo Contest 2020

We had an excellent response to the 2020 photo contest call — nearly 50 photos from 18 photographers! The winning entry was by Clare Stone, below. Clare’s perfectly framed shot had everything: beautiful lighting, action, mood, the natural environment and an intriguing human element (what is the canoeist looking at?).

The runner-up photo this year was chosen from an arbitrary category we made up after viewing the submissions: off-season photos. The winner was Daniel Sanger for his incredible shot of ice skating and hockey in Nares Inlet, in the late winter (below). Look at the figure skater suspended in the air, mid-jump! For other off-season photos, see page 58.

Thanks very much to the following people who submitted photos in 2020: Alison Wilkin, Ashley Armstrong, Clare Stone, Daniel Sanger, Deborah Tyrrell, Don McCahill, Heather Leslie, Janet Hannah Joy, Jennifer Logue, Joan Mathieu, Hohn Lister, Paul Nemy, Pippa Lawson, Robert Stephenson, Stephanie Gunyon, Susan Silcox, Thomas Husebye, Trina Ord.

The three judges of the 2020 contest: BNIA Board Members Sara Carter, John Lavis and Art Kilgour.

Runner up: Daniel Sanger photo

Photo contest 2021 is now open

Send us your three best photos of 2020 and you could be on the cover of next year’s BNIA directory (and you could win a free membership for 2021).

How to submit:

Deadline: Friday, Sept. 10, 2021