Show us your Bayfield-Nares!

2022 Photo Contest now open

Send us your three best photos of 2022 and you could be on the cover of next year’s BNIA directory (and you could win a free membership for 2022).

How to submit:

Deadline: Friday, Sept. 9, 2022

2021 Photo Contest winner!

Katya Ash photo

We had a solid response to the 2021 photo contest call — 15 members submitted 42 photos! The winning entry is above, by Katya Ash of Nares Inlet. It graces the cover of the 2022 Directory and Yearbook. You can almost hear the plaintive call of that loon! Katya Ash’s family wins a free BNIA membership.

The runner-up photo was by Susan Buckley (below). The spontaneity of this candid cottage photo is excellent. It perfectly captures the thrill of a summer storm.

Thanks very much to the following people who also submitted photos to the contest: Alison Wilkin, Bill Dinnin, Jennifer Logue, Leeanne Smart, Mike Folland, Mindy Grant, Molly Mulloy, Philip Fisher, Robert Stephenson, Stephen Bushell, Susan Silcox, Thaty Rolim, Tim Bannon.

The three judges of the 2021 contest were: BNIA Board Members Sara Carter, Art Kilgour, and Katie Pointner.

2021 Runner-up: Susan Buckley