Medical Emergencies

For ALL emergencies, Dial 911, give your name and civic address (your island number, see below), plus your GPS coordinates if you know them, plus your marina name or road access point, and they will contact these people for you (the names in bold). If you call using a mobile phone, clarify that you are not at your home address (the one that is probably linked to your mobile phone).

Bayfield First Responders and Transport

Fire Emergency

Our township does NOT provide fire protection services, due to the water-based nature of our properties. In the event of a cottage fire, Dial 911, give your name and island location, and they will contact our association’s First Responders who will mobilize local cottagers with fire pumps.

Boating Emergencies

Other Medical Contacts

Important note about civic addresses

Your island number is your civic address and is the way that everyone (including First Responders) can identify your property and help you in an emergency.

Any resident or guest of your cottage should know your civic address in case of emergency, and your civic address sign should be prominently displayed on your main dock.

Don’t have a civic address sign? Contact the Township of the Archipelago here.

General Community Contacts