Types of Members

Here’s a full explanation of the two types of BNIA memberships available. The majority of our members are “full” members (over 200 annually); the smaller component is our “associate” members, numbering about 36 in 2020.

Full Members

Each property owner in Bayfield-Nares can become a Full Member of the BNIA (and so can non-property owners). Co-owners (usually spouses) of a property can share a Full membership.

Associate Members

Associate Memberships are available for family members who share a property with a Full Member (often a next-generation family member). You cannot be an Associate Member without an affiliation to a Full Member.

Membership Costs

Here are the annual dues payable to the BNIA to cover membership:

Dues Payable Annually

Dues are payable once per calendar year. We encourage all members to pay promptly upon receiving their notice in January of each year, and definitely before the summer season. Your membership applies to a calendar year, not for a 12-month period after you pay your dues. Tip: you can pre-pay your next year’s dues at the BNIA Annual Meeting in August!