COVID-19 Update: Ontario emergency extended to May 12 at least

April 15, 2020

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced on April 14 that the province will remain in a state of emergency for another month. 

All non-essential businesses are to stay closed. This means all marinas are closed until May 12, at which time the situation will again be evaluated.  We will continue to inform you with updates.

Yes, this is a highly unfortunate situation.  We all wish we could be up on the Bay.  However, we must put ourselves second.  To travel from our city homes to Parry Sound, Bayfield, Nares or Pointe au Baril means risking, not only our own health, but the health of local essential workers and residents. That increases the opportunity exponentially for the virus to travel and infect more people.  Though we may not know a great deal about this virus, we do know that much!

There should be no “they have access, I don’t” or such thoughts.  It will do no one any good if we mistakenly think we can go to our cottage and not affect — or offend — anyone who permanently lives there.
So please, put yourself second — and know that we will return to our cottages when it is safe for everyone. 

On another note, stemming from a webinar call hosted by the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations last night, the recommendation was made that if you had any concerns about insurance coverage, your inability to access your cottage, etc. that you check with your insurance broker.  Also (and with apologies to and without meaning to burden the likes of Doug, Dennis and others) that you perhaps prevail upon a local to run by and take a look. 
 Remember, we’re all in the same boat so let’s pull together.  

John McMullen, President, BNIA