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Invasive Phragmites sitings have been confirmed in our area!!!

Report local sitings to BNIA using: email@bnia.ca or use the link below to a central repository of sitings.


Although phragmites is out of control in much of southern Ontario it is not out of control in our area yet. Here, we have a chance to keep it at bay if we act quickly and together over the next few years. Removal of stands over 2 or 3 years have proved to be successful in other areas (we have learned from the Ontario Phragmites Working Group and other organizations). The  first step is identification and communicating where those locations are. The best site for logging sightings is the EDD Ontario website (and they would like photos to accompany your information). Stay tuned for communication about where and when work parties will be removing stands next year”

CLICK HERE To Report Sightings of Phragmites (or any invasive species). Look for "European common reed" in the listing.

One picture below was taken near Elm Tree island in Bayfield and the other along Hwy 529.



GBA - Phragmites Education and Management (Click Here)

Ontario Phragmites Working Group (Click Here)

Other examples of Phragmites in Ontario... Imagine your dock looking like the one in the third picture!!


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