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The B.N.I.A. History Binders

The B.N.I.A. has maintained two historical binders that were our effort to keep an ongoing history of our area. Recently one of these binders has gone missing. However, we were fortunate that the binder that we still have is the original and it is now beening reproduced in eletronic format. Once complete (hopefully by the summer of 2010) this will be again available to the membership.

The effort to maintain anecdotal records of happenings in the Bayfield-Nares area continues, and depends entirely on the members for stories and photos. It has become a unique record of the life and times of area cottagers over the years.

We are always looking for new pieces to add to the collection that we currently have. We would ask everyone for a submission of any story they would like to publish, if possible with pictures (always complementary to any story). So please grab a pen, pencil or keyboard, and write those memories down so that your contributions to our way of life in Bayfield and Nares will be remembered.

From our history files:

SOURCE: Jane M. Day

5 C boned Pike, med. pieces
3 onions, chopped course
1/2 to 2/3 C. butter or margarine for crumbs
slightly stale bread crumbs, coursely ground
Substitute 1 1/2 c. each green and/or
Red sweet peppers for 1 onion, if desired

2 1/3 c. butter or margarine for sauce
1 1/2 to 2 1/3 c. flour
4 c. milk (might need a bit more as sauce; 5 or 6 c. should not be too thick. Canned milk diluted with an equal amount of water may be used for part of the milk)
1 tsp. seasoned salt or to taste

First someone has to catch a Pike around 6 lbs. or enough smaller ones to make the desired cooked, de-boned fish broken in bite sized pieces. Put cleaned fish in a kettle, pour on boiling water to cover. Cook gently 5 to 10 minutes, depending on thickness of fish. Pour off water and let fish cool. Remove all bones and break into pieces.

Crumb bread, melt butter or margarine in large skillet.. Toss bread crumbs into melted fat until the fat is evenly absorbed into the crumbs. Set aside in a bowl.

Melt fat for sauce in the same skillet, add onions (red and green peppers if desired). Sauté until onions are slightly cooked, not brown. Add flour and mix well. (It may be necessary to add a bit more fat to moisten all flour.) Add milk gradually, stirring until sauce is desired thickness. It should be a little less than medium thickness. Add Pike, mix well. Pour into slightly buttered pan for baking. Use a pan 12” diameter and 3” deep for this amount. Cover with butter crumbs and bake about 45 min. in 375 to 400 F degree oven. Peek occasionally to make sure it doesn't brown too soon as the fish should be bubbling a bit when done.

Any kind of fish may be used. This dish was named “Pike Pie” by my son and his friends because I used the Pike they caught at our Bayfield Islands.

Jane M. Day.



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