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BNIA Outings and Events 2019     by Molly Mulloy

Last summer’s BNIA summer offerings were very well attended, appreciated and enjoyed by young and old alike! A packed house at the Jefferies-Jones’ cottage produced an amazing array of fabulous Woodland art paintings, learning from the technique seen on Tracey’s accomplished son Josh’s work. The Cornish home and island was busy for Harvey Cornish’s professional, thorough knot-tying workshop, learning skills we can all apply in our archipelago life. (If anyone gets a boat stuck up on the rocks, call one of the attendees!) GBBR’s ​Explore Our Shores,
​was thoroughly enjoyed by a flotilla of canoeists and kayakers who now observe so much more as they travel through our archipelago. An extraordinary variety of impressive quill work medallions were meticulously created by both sexes from elementary children to retired inleters. Yoga enthusiasts had personal instruction gratis from our resident expert Betty Morris. We’ve included a few photos to give members a taste of last year’s offerings. This coming summer, all are welcome to the following outings and events, guests and friends included.

Please note that ​registration is required​ to some events (to determine amount of materials and refreshments required). As space is limited, please register ASAP with:

  • Anne Stewart: RSVP by text @ 416-836-5509 for Summer Ceremony of Earth Woman
  • Andrew Kolody: ​andrewkolody@hotmail.com​ for The Phragmites Pull
  • Penny McCahill: ​penny@technolinks.com​ for the Quill and Birchbark workshop
  • Molly Mulloy: ​molly.mulloy7@gmail.com​ for the Dreamcatcher workshop.

Others are open to any and all – everyone! Friends and guests included! Please refer to the BNIA website, Facebook page, Instagram site, bulletin boards at Marinas and/or your email throughout the summer for updates.

As always, we are very grateful for the Outings and Events leaders who are volunteering their time and expertise, and to the generous inleters hosting events at their cottages. Please dress appropriately for the weather: sun, wind, drizzle, bugs. Bring water and snacks, or a lunch if the event is over the lunch hour. Storm and high wind dates will be the following day. Changes and updates known a week or more in advance will be posted on the BNIA Facebook and Instagram pages, the BNIA website and the notice boards at local marinas. Molly Mulloy welcomes comments, feedback, and ideas for future events. Email molly.mulloy7@gmail.com

FYI: Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve ‘Kid’s Kits’ (informative and fun for adults too) are available from GBBR, and are full of great projects, information, activities and contests to fill your holidays with exploration and adventures. They can be picked up at the GBBR office in Parry Sound.

Kids in the Biosphere​

When: ​All Summer
Where: click here -​ Register today

Hello Nature Explorers!

School is ALMOST out and we are so ready for a summer full of exploring, learning, and outdoor fun! If you haven’t already registered for this year’s Kids of the Biosphere – Register today!

This summer we will be sending out emails full of extra activities, a “living green” challenge, and local events that we will be attending.  Don’t forget to make sure this email account is in your contacts list, that way you’ll never miss and email from us! 

If you have already registered for the 2019 edition of Kids in the Biosphere – we look forward to sharing this summer with you!! If you have not registered yet for 2019 – It’s not too late!   Register today!

Three cheers for summer skies and fireflies!

Your friendly neighborhood nature nuts signing off,

Delaina & Tianna,  Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve Inc.


Yoga on the Bay​ ​with Betty Morris​ (registered Yoga Instructor)

When: ​Thursday, July 4 ​@ 4 to 5:30 pm
Where:​ Morris cottage, Nares Inlet A532​ (south side of Portage Bay)

Yoga’s gentle stretching and breath work is marvellous therapy for the body and the soul! Betty Morris, RYT500 Yoga instructor, will again lead a yoga session for all levels and ages, this time on her deck. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one (or foam cushion or a thick beach towel), wear comfy clothes and don’t forget your sunscreen and hat. This has been ongoing for the past three years, thanks to Betty’s generosity and expertise.
Also, don’t forget to mark also on your calendar the BNIA ​AGM​ @ 10 am July 28 in the Pointe au Baril Community Center (lunch following), the annual BNIA regatta ​canoe marathon​ @ 10 am August 3 at the Spears-Ash cottage A520 in Nares followed by the ​Regatta competitions​ @ 2 pm August 3 on Amethyst Island in Bayfield, and the annual ​Sailing race​ @1:30 for 2 pm in the inner bay out from Nares Landing in Nares.

Paddle the Thomson Reserve with a herptologist/Naturalist.  (BYO your canoe, kayak, paddle board, etc).
When: ​​July 7 @ 10am
Thomson Island

Join the Georgian Bay Land Trust and guest herpetologists for a water-based tour of the shorelines and wetlands of the Thomson Reserve, as we celebrate this beautiful place and hope to encounter some of the wildlife that we share it with. Please bring your own canoe, kayak, SUP, etc. We will meet at the Blackwood dock (Island 519A) at 10 am and begin the paddle from there. More details and a map can be found at: https://www.gblt.org/events/paddling-at-the-thomson-reserve/

Summer Ceremony of Earth Woman (not a BNIA event, but a generous offering by a local First Nations elder) will be led by Marilyn Capreol, a Shawanaga First Nations grandmother who lives on an island in Shawanaga Bay.

When: ​Friday July 12 ​@ 1pm
Where: Anne Stewart’s Cottage A583 – 1 mile from the open, 1 mile from Nares Landing Please register with Anne – RSVP by text @ 416-836-5509 There will be a shared potluck meal to follow, so bring your own dish to share, mug or glass, dish or bowl, and cutlery. No alcohol, drugs or dogs.

Phragmites Pulling Party ​with Heather Sargeant, Phragmites expert with GB Forever

When: ​Friday, July 19​ @ 12 noon
Where: ​Kolody’s Cottage, beside Nares Landing​, to the right (SE) of the docks

Wear long pants and long sleeves, heavy gloves, solid footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat, and bring hip waders if your have them. (burgers to follow, so please register with Andrew Kolody @ andrewkolody@hotmail.com​)

Quill-Birchbark Workshop​ ​ with Tracey Pawis ​(Anishinabe artist)

When: ​Wednesday, July 24​ @ 11-2 pm ($40 payable at the workshop for the materials that require skill and significant time to prepare)
Where: ​Penny McCahill’s Cottage in Bayfield A932

Learn some local First Nations history and create your own quill-birchbark art piece! Tracey Pawis, of Parry Island, will teach traditional Ojibway/Potawatomi birchbark-quill work, and help us connect to the people our predecessors met and traded with here. To cover materials provided, a fee of $40 is required. Seating is limited to 10 people. To register, sign up with Penny @ ​penny@technolinks.com​ asap. Payment is by cash. Tracey offers a number of other workshops to different groups including quill box making, moccasins, medicine pouches, dream catchers and quill & sweetgrass harvesting.l You can find the gallery on various social network sites, with Tracey Pawis (Anishinabe artist)

Rock Walk ​ with Geologist Nick Eyles  (BYO picnic lunch at noon if desired)

When: ​July 25​ @ 1 pm 
Where: ​Painted Rocks

Join “rock star” Dr. Nick Eyles and the Georgian Bay Land Trust for a fascinating tour of the geological secrets seen in the incredible landscape of Painted Rocks (located at Charles Inlet). The walk will begin at 1, and we’ll meet for an optional BYO picnic starting at noon. Please feel free to bring bathing suits etc. and make a day of it! More details and a map can be found at: https://www.gblt.org/events/rock-walk-painted-rocks/.

Dreamcatcher Workshop ​ with Tracey Pawis ​(Anishinabe artist)

When: ​Tuesday, July 30​ @ 1-3:30 pm ($25 for materials, payable at the workshop)
Where: ​Kolody’s Cottage, beside Nares Landing​, to the right (SE) of the docks

Learn the significance and story behind dreamcatchers as you fashion your own from materials Tracey provides. Each will be unique you will determine the size and pattern in yours and what adornments you add to it. Plus, you’ll be able to use your creation as a functional work of art to help you retain good subconscious thoughts and eliminate the negative ones.

Puppets and Music ​ ​with Glen Caradus ​(​master puppeteer)

When: ​Thursday, August 1​ @ 2 -4 pm
Where: ​Susan Day’s cottage in Bayfield A801

Enjoy an afternoon of fun for all ages – songs, stories and interactive activities about the Great Lakes by a master puppeteer whose talents are sought across the province (and beyond) at house parties; and at municipal, provincial and federal parks, folk festivals, camps, schools, in First Nations communities,….