Cottage Book

The BNIA thanks its many members who contributed to the book:

“Cottages in the Nares and Bayfield Archipelago:  Red, Right, Returning Through the Islands”

The 150-page full-colour book was prepared to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the BNIA.

BNIA members can order as many books as they wish ‘at cost,’ provided they can arrange to pick up their order in person from one of the following BNIA board members (and pay in cash with exact change):

The price will vary slightly from order to order depending on the Canada/U.S. exchange rate on the printing costs, the shipping costs, and custom duties. The BNIA’s first order, which was for book contributors, worked out to a cost of $20 per book. BNIA members can place their order by clicking on the Cottage Book/Order Form menu drop down above. Orders will be placed as demand requires and BNIA members will be notified of the final cost per book a few days before pick-up, although it will likely remain about $20.

BNIA members who cannot arrange to pick up their book order in person (and non-BNIA members) can purchase the book online from:

The BNIA cannot control the prices on either Amazon site, so sometimes the price may be higher, and other times lower.

Enjoy the book!