AGM Minutes 2018

                  Annual General Meeting

Sunday, July 29, 2018 @ 10:00 a.m.

Pointe au Baril Community Centre


Board Members in Attendance: Rob Reed, Alice Lurie, John Lavis, David Day, John McMullen, Peter Perdue, Mary Perdue, Andy Fabens, Ted Simmonds, Anne Stewart, Molly Mulloy

Members in attendance: about 43

Guests: 3 Coast Guard officers (Graham Silcox, Cindy Doladston, and Andras Evans)

Regrets: Nichola Martin, Doug Ferguson, Sara Carter, Molly Mulloy

  1. Call to order (10:08am)                                                                      Rob Reed
  • Opening remarks from the President of the BNIA – Rob Reed
  • Rob Reed opened the meeting with remarks about the Parry Sound 33 Fire as it was on everyone’s minds. Fire and the regatta the reasons for the BNIA being formed. Leanne Smart and Susan Day have been very involved. They asked “What can we do?” and the board has agreed to start a fire safety committee. Will hear more in the weeks and months.
  • With regards to communication, the BNIA is sending more email communication. We have another new committee focused on membership and communications. This looks at recruiting new members, meeting needs of existing members, and improving communication.
  • Rob spoke about the new logo, thanks to Art Kilgour who volunteered his time a graphic artist. There were several versions, a lot of tweets, a large board difficult to hear all the opinions.
  • There are key things that brings us all together. The McTavish and McEwan families have done a great job but this will be their last summer. If your family has enjoyed it in the past, consider that it might be your time to take it over. All the equipment and the documentation is put together.
  • Guests from the Coast Guard were introduced and noted that they have information & can answer your questions.
  • Later in the meeting we will have an open forum, open discussion.
  • Cottage book in the back – Mary Perdue and John Lavis a lot of work to get it ready for today. John flew in from China today. Round of applause.
  • Also at the back:  Township info, and environmental information
  • Secretary, Anne Stewart, will be taking minutes.
  • Approval of the Minutes. Ted moved minutes, Kathleen seconded. Approved.
  • Treasurer’s Financial Report and Appointment of the Auditors – Peter Perdue
  • Financials are same and stable
  • Proposed auditors: Miller, DeLaurier and Shoemaker                                                    
  • Move: Ted Simmonds, Seconder: Kathleen         No discussion or amendments
  • There was a question about approving the financials, which were not available due to a printing error, but they are on the website. If anyone has questions please contact Peter Perdue. Approved.
  • Nominating Committee Report – John McMullen (and Mary Perdue and John Lavis)
    • John McMullen presented the slate of directors: Rob Reed, Alice Lurie, Sara Carter, David Day, John McMullen, Peter Perdue, Mary Perdue, Andy Fabens, Anne Stewart, Molly Mulloy, Nichola Martin, Doug Ferguson, John Lavis, Kathleen Kidd, Frank Pointner, Ted Simmonds
    • Thanks to Ally, Ted has taken role of regatta liaison, Ally will continue on Facebook
    • Motion to approve the slate of Directors: Ned Martin, 2nd: Tom Martin, Approved.
    • Someone from the floor asked for introduction; all directors intruded themselves
  • Georgian Bay Association Report – John McMullen
  • Advocacy group, voice in gov’t and committee rooms, gov’t and non-gov’t organizations
  • Fire
  • helping member associations, i.e. Key River Association
  • Best information on the fire is:
  • Wrote to MNRF, Doug Ford, response from Henry Inlet south and on the Transmission line down to Britt, trying to ensure they cease on the line down to Parry Sound – adhere in the MNRF protocol minor work not posing any fire risk
  • Other things the GBA has been working on include:
  • Great Lakes Protection Act
  • Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
  • Breach of the Great Lakes Contract – WI withdrawal of water for plasma screen
  • Risk management strategy – PBDE, mercury, aquaculture
  • Working with the other organizations, the GB5
  • GB video with Carl Schieffer and GBLT
  • Hydro rates – distribution costs – likely to come up again
  • GBA has asked the new government for meetings – Jeff Yurik, Rob Phillips, etc.
  • Election readiness for upcoming next municipal election – helping you form questions
  • Planning regulation at the request of serval organizations – Macy Bay
  • Membership discounts – fire, defibrillator, Colman and Stern
  • Membership and Communication (Sara Carter sits on this)
  • First Nations; 9 neighbours and 7 others nearby, started a dialogue – mutual respect and understanding
  • Land claim (Wiiky) – don’t know what the outcome will be but pushed back now – will be a matter of years
  • Guardians of the Bay – grassroots ethos, a mindset – whatever you do is this good for the Bay
  • Go to website and sign up for eUPDATE
  • Membership Committee and website Report – Alice Lurie, David Day
  • Alice:
  • Accessible; information when you want and what you want
  • Revitalized the website so its available to you when you want
  • Open to feedback
  • David
  • Noted that since his joining, he has tried to modernize – 78% through PayPal, increased productivity
  • Membership form is now on-line; there are fewer errors, available anytime
  • What has changed are 2 things: the Cottage Book with an on-line order form and classified ads on the website
  • Rob adds that the BNIA is looking for volunteers with website design
  • Report from the Township of the Archipelago (Peter Frost)
  • Peter announces that he has just been acclaimed; there is a round of applause
  • He thanks to Barb Conyers, Lianne Smart, and Susan Day regarding initiatives about the fire(s)
  • Gives a summary of the state of the Township:
  • The new CAO, John Fiord, is excellent, from East Ferris
  • Excellent staff
  • Finances solid – taxes increased in the north by only 1%, to help bolster our reserves
  • OPP fully phased in, Fee for service (calls for service) are down so expenses are down
  • Official plan has been completed, with the province, don’t know where it stands with change of gov’t with regards to comprehensive zoning by-law
  • Passed a few by-laws this year – Fire, fireworks and noise
  • By-law officer, Gary Joice, excellent, only 1 person, approachable 24/7
  • Transfer station seems to be working well, Municipal dock= no problem
  • And a summary of the Township of the Archipelago’s role in Fire Safety:
  • Joe Villeneuve, manager, posts regularly and relayed to presidents of the various associations
  • Peter explained the role of the Township (mostly By-laws and enforcement)-
  • He also explained the rules about fire bans. A “total fire ban” is no fires, no BBQs, no burn barrel, no fires for cooking or warmth.
  • Peter also explained the reporting and enforcement process:
    • Call Township à occurrence report
      • First event = Notice of Violation (like a ticket)
      • 2ndevent = summons & fine (up to $25,000 and 3 mths in jail for fire)
      • For any fire/enforcement issues, call Gary Joice (705-746-4243, ext. 324 or
  • Question and comment from the floor:
  • Lianne Smart, a lifelong islander, has over the years noticed a lot of inappropriate fires, witnessed 3 fires during the fire ban – approached these 3 groups of people – as concerned residents – pleads that we all have to take action, be on the lookout, talk to people. Gary Joice requests that we take photographs (residents, owners, renters and campers)
  • Kathleen Kidd asked if Gary has to see the fire? No was the answer.
  • Alice Lurie asks if the owner is responsible? Yes, both the owner and the renter are responsible.
  • Tom Martin: asks about burning brush, what are they, in normal times, and asked if that information could be researched and put on the website
  • Tom also brings up comprehensive by-law changes: pressure to reduce what you can build on your island, built form is becoming huge (large cottages, extensive building) considered by many to be inappropriate
  • John McMullen added that it is an excellent time to do a fire drill, wet down your island
  • Coast Guard no legal authority but eyes on the coast – no enforcement capabilities
  • Environment Report – Anne Stewart
    • Water Testing
    • Part of the Lake Partner Program (a Ministry funded program); we now have 3 sites, 1 in Nares and 2 in Bayfield.
    • Jenny Dulmage is no longer taking water samples, but Art Kilgour and Nicola Martin are taking on one site and 1 volunteer (Kieran Stevenson) has stepped forward to help (volunteer hours)
    • Water quality in general – good information via the Georgian Bay Association, Federation of Ontario Cottagers and Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (Sate of the Bay report).
      • Phragmites
    • Samples and information on the back table (well sealed bags)
    • Log sightings at EDD Maps Ontario
    • Volunteer groups cutting in their areas (Frank Pointner and Rob Reed at Elm Tree, Andrew Kolody & family in Nares)
    • People need “ownership” of sites in order to be motivated
    • Focus on good –successful locations: near Elm Tree, Nares Inlet and ToA (Mike Kearns – with MTO and contractor (but not over water))
    • Frank Pointner will take on a bigger role (becoming the Phragmites member representative on the GBA Phragmites committee)
      • Explore Our Shores July 22, 2018
    • Funded by the Township of the Archipelago this was a successful event, good location, easy to find, variety of shorelines, good spot to go ashore and natural amphitheater
  • Table of information (Sate of the Bay report and others) for AGM
  • Kids in the Biosphere – kits are still available
  • Question on Asian Carp – John answers that grass carp are in the Great lakes but, others not
  1. Photo contest – Mary Perdue
  2. Mary thanks everyone
  3. There were 15 entries; the theme this year was “Things we want to protect/value of the Bay”
  4. Winner: Mindy Grant, bald eagle taking off from an orange lichen shoal with cottage which will be on the cover of the 2019 Directory
  5. 2nd: Trina Ord for “Way of Life” depicting someone in a hammock which will be on the cover of winter newsletter
  6. Mary noted that there were not many from children (16 and under) and wondered why?
  7. No theme for next year yet but it will appear on the website
  1. Regatta liaison – Ted Simmonds
    1. Has a book (a recipe book) all the items that have to be stored, timelines, works well – people volunteer to take care of certain spots (canoeing/diving) – would like a family or a clan to step forward, with Teds help
    1. Page 3 of directory – Marathon canoe Aug 4th, 10am Umwah, must wear PFD, Sat Aug 4th 1pm, Sunday 5th
    1. Ron Thomas, transfer station, was at Sunnybrook now in WPSH sent card from BNIA
    1. Steve Fletcher has not spent the money we already raised, needs a volunteer living donor
    1. Volunteer hours are available for helping with the BNIA
    1. First responders – Butch Folland has gone out to fires too
    1. Rob also thanks to Ted for collecting beer cans and wine bottles. The money donated to local efforts. Green boathouse at the end of boathouse row. PaB transfer station goes to many of the same charities.
  1. Address from the Reeve of the Township of the Archipelago – Peter Ketchum
  2. Peter Ketchum gives his final speech to the BNIA as Reeve. Some highlights:
    1. I am your Reeve until the end of Nov; Happy to report that Bert Liverance is taking over, very supportive,
    1. Thank Rob Reed and BNIA for inviting; Thank all of you for listening to me the last 18 years
    1. Surrounded by my relatives and friends
    1. The Archipelago is in good financial health
    1. John Fior, the new CAO, is taking charge quietly and capably
    1. The “Archipelago Express” is the one paper communication that goes out with the tax bill. Here David Ashley wrote about the value of reserves ($2.1 M in reserve, $2M earmarked in general reserves) – David would have liked to have had more in reserve.
    1. Despite major maintenance on north and south roads
    1. Skerryvore road will be significant – they were hoping to have provincial help – no
    1. $1M Ontario infrastructure debenture to help with the Skerryvore road
    1. Roads, waterfront, community centre = $10M in assets in today’s dollars
    1. Highway 400 will designate more roads and a bridge to Township responsibilities
    1. Municipalities face growing costs – beyond their control such as insurance and energy. The province continues to dictate improved service levels without assistance
    1. Aside from our own operational costs – there are shared costs such as Belvedere, subsidized housing and health care
    1. Major maintenance in the next few years – Debenture strategy cushions us from large tax increases
    1. $60M infrastructure gap for all municipalities – AMO has asked for long term assistance for the province – without they project that taxes will double over the next 10 years – arch is different we anticipate that we will increase e about the same amount as inflation
    1. a few weeks ago, Diane Sax, presentation on global warming 407 ppm CO, temperatures increased all over the word (except for a small are in the Antarctic), heat waves and variations – Diane Sax says her grandchildren in peril
    1. gives thanks to Peter Frost and to BNIA
    1. Love of the Bay even though we have different views on how to get there
    1. Kathleen Kidd thanks the Reeve saying he is the “second best reeve we ever had” (as her father was the Reeve prior to Reeve Ketchum). She commented that she was “so thankful that you worked for us the last 18 years from our community to represent the whole township”.
  3. Reeve Peter Ketchum says that Ian nominated me to be the Reeve
  4. Tom Martin adds that Peter Ketchum was instrumental in establishing the ToA by organizing “the archipelago express”
  1. Guests from the Canadian Coast Guard – Graham Silcox, Cindy Doladston, Andras Evans
  2. They explain what they do on the Bay, what you can do in the event of an emergency (marine and medical), that they are responsible from Killarney to Snug Harbour
  3. They emphasized that you call:
    1. 911, and/or,
    1. Joint rescue coordination centre (the big orange boat) – 1-800-267-7270, and/or,
    1. Coast Guard radio (Sarnia) via VHF#16 or *16 on a cell phone
  4. Tell them: nature of distress, description of boat, tell them if you are in Bayfield Inlet (as there is a Bayfield on Lake Huron!) or in Nares Inlet and give them permission to contact the first responders
  5. Trina says they have had one call this year
  1. Cottage book – John Lavis
  2. 79 entries, 76 BNIA members and 3 additional: paddle tennis court, painted rocks, Thomson reserve
  3. colour which was extra printing cost but worth it
  4. quick thanks to:
    1. fact checkers – Kay Scale, Kathleen Kidd, Peter and Maria frost
    1. history – Tim Bannon, Liz Whylie,
    1. Nick Ketchum – appendix 1 (links of folks on the Nares side and their descendants)
    1. Susan and David Day – boated around and walked the page proofs to cottagers at their cottage
  5. All volunteer labour
    1. Only cost is the printing cost
    1. Sales through amazon a chunk will come back to the BNIA
  6. Ordering
    1. Buy a copy – fill in form which was handed out to order ($19 Cdn) before Wed – receive copy Sat Aug 11th in person for BNIA members
    1. If cannot pick up in person via amazon $46
    1. $1452.62
    1. BNIA members can order on line
  7. There may be a second edition if there are 40 or so more – but not in the next few months
  8. There was a question about the title, “Red, right, return”. It’s from the saying when you are going up the Bay
  1. Question Period
  2. Peter Wright speaks about the GBLT (55 properties, 4 staff, monitor properties with stewards, 6 significant wetlands, butterfly, educational work, speaker series,
  3. Nick Ketchum poses a Nares question about an auction of the interesting collection inside, or what was inside, the cottage that the Georgian Bay Land Trust has taken possession of and plans to take down. He states that a member of his family has rented for a 5-year period. Does anyone know what happened to the stuff? For 2-years the inlet talked about it. We gave the GBLT information and yet nothing has happened. Tom answered that they don’t want to take the contents out because they need them to rent it. Kathleen says they sold some of the larger items (like the boat). Tom Martin states that it costs quite a bit to be taken down, and that anyone can buy the cottage for a dollar. The rental is covering the taxes. Nick asks again: “are the personal and historic things, are they filtering away?” It’s a question for GBLT but no one responds.
  4. Lianne Smart request that people use navigational lights at night as there are a number of tin boats running at dusk and in the dark without lights.
  5. John McMullen adds a comment about the GBA Honourary Life Member Program: there are a number of individuals from Bayfield and Nares: Tony Ormsby, Tom Martin, Douglas Martin.
  1. Thanks to Ted Simmonds, Beth Stewart, Marlene Stewart and Leigh Fabens for food and refreshments

Adjournment about 12:07pm